Joy and Jealousy: A Manual of 15th-Century Italian Balli

Written by Vivian Stephens and Monica Cellio

Note: This book is currently out of print. The text is available at; this copy does not yet include the music arrangements.

This book, published August 1997, reconstructs the steps, choreographies, and music for two dozen renaissance dances (balli) and includes 3-part arrangements of the music. A recording accompanies the book. The book is written to be both accessible to newcomers to this repertoire and informative to those already knowledgeable in this field. The authors strive to provide not only usable reconstructions but also an annotated trail of how decisions were made and what other options exist.

Table of Contents

book cover

Introduction [7 pages]

Historical Background
The Four Misure
The Structure of Balli
Ornamentation and Improvisation
Notes on the Reconstructions
General Notes on the Transcriptions

Steps [34 pages]

Basic Steps [short summary of each step without detailed notes]
Continenza, Contrapasso, Doppio, Hey, Mezavolta, Movimento, Piva, Reverenza, Ripresa, Saltarello, Saltarello Tedesco, Sempio, Voltatonda [more detailed descriptions and discussions]

Dances [100 pages]

Instruction Key
Diagram Key
Amoroso, Anello, Belfiore, Belreguardo, Colonnese, Fia Guielmina, Gelosia, Gratiosa, Ingrata, Jupiter, Legiadra, Leoncello (Vecchio), Marchesana, Mercantia, Petit Riense, Pizocara, Prexonera, Rostiboli, Sobria, Spero, Tesara, Vercepe, Vita di Cholino, Voltati in Ca Rosina [instuctions followed by notes and alternate interpretations; compatable recordings are also listed]


The Four Misure
Sheet Music


The book is 194 pages in all (8.5 x 11") and is GBC-bound. The accompanying tape is approximately 53 minutes and contains (electronic) music for all of the dances in the book. The optional CD includes additional versions of some dances at slower speeds to facilitate teaching.

Contact Info

The authors can be reached at the following email addresses (which have been munged slightly to foil spammers):
"cellio" at ""
"rosina" at ""

Online RealAudio files for most of the music were created by Eric Praetzel.


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