Pictures from Ferrari as Art

Padre Pio Center, Barto PA

September 24th 2006 Car Show

Ferrari as Art
Photos by Joe Dille

It was a small show in a nice setting.

1956 250 GT Race Car

All business

Quite the resume including the 1956 Mille Migilia

These are the biggest drum brakes I have ever seen. The owner said they are vented for the race model. He is careful in the rain since the vents move water as good as they do air.

The race interior had a tach for the driver and a speedo for the navigator.

The pedals are wood faced.

250 Pinin Farina. What a nice car to tool around in.

Speaking of tools. Check out the nice set from Griot's Garage. The nice little hammer was being used to unstick a float.

308 GTsi Green is nice, but I prefer red.

Simple round tail lights, but so nice.



Joey sets off to draw this fine Spyder 360.

After about an hour, the result.

Matt draws the other angle.

Matt's drawing

The owner was so impressed with the drawings that he let the boys sit in his car.
Joey looks like he is ready to drive.

Matt is just awestruck.

360 engine under glass.

The engine is easier to see with the hood open. The muffler is huge.

These gentlemen were impressed by the V12 engine. They had a lot to say about it, all in Itialian.

The Spyder shifts like an F1 car with little paddles under the steering wheel. The clutch is controlled electronically.

Matt and Joey playing around in the back yard.

More fun pictures with Joey and Matt

Matt outstananding in his field with the 250 GT.

Matt's 250 GT drawing.

Matt's Dino drawing.

Matt's Testarosa drawing.

If you can't afford the real thing, how about a model.

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