Critical specifications for the Honda GX120-K1H2 engine:

These Specs are taken from the Honda GX120K1 specification data sheet. Please verify all specifications with current QMA rules before purchasing or working on your Honda engine.
Type4 cycle, OHV, single Cylinder
Displacement118 cc
Bore and Stroke60 x 42 mm
Max H.P.4.0 @ 4000 rpm
Max Torque5 ft-lb @ 2,500 rpm
Compression Ratio8.5 : 1
Ignition systemTransistorized Magneto Ignition
Timing25 Degrees B.T.D.C
Spark PlugBPR6ES, W20EPR-U
CarburetorHorizontal, Butterfly Valve
Oil Capacity .63 Qt
Fuel86 Octane, unleaded
Gearbox Ratio6 : 1

This information provided by Robert Kerr