In Memory of
Our Famliy's Best Friend

This web page is dedicated to our famliy's memory of Kasa, our black Labrador Retriever who was more than a simple pet to us. Born December 10th, over a year before our first child, she provided us with much love and affection. Always a willing playmate and protector to our sons. Kasa had over 10,000 happy miles in our family's sidecar. She loved playing frisbee in the back yard even though she rarely caught it. She was a family member and we miss her so.

Kasa was very obedient and enjoyed obedience work. She was the best in her obidience class. Check out her score sheet

Each of our boys decided to do something in Kasa's memory:
Matt made her a picture
Joey made her a song

Kasa as a pup.

Kasa in happier times with the boys.

Kasa and Joey saying good bye Kasa and Matt on her last day