Joey Dille

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Jr. Novice 1998

World Formula 2008

For 10 years Joey raced Quarter midgets. During that time he raced on the local, regional and national level. He captured the Sr. Stock track record at 5.764s. He now helps at the track by handling his younger brother Matt and flagging.

A few picture of Joey flagging during the 2009 season.

About Quarter Midget Racing
The Track is Oaklane Quarter Midget Racing Club in Trumbauersville Pennsylvania. It is an asphalt and concrete track with grippy surface that is banked 6 degrees. The racing line is 290' to 310' long. The track is the fastest on the east coast. The Oaklane One Quarter Midget Racing Club is hosted the Eastern Grand National races in 2001. It was the largest "Grands" to date. Races are held almost every Saturday afternoon/evening from April to October.


Joey's 2005 Senior Stock Track Record
In 2005 Joey captured the Sr. Stock track record of 5.761s. Thank you Ziggy.
Joey carying the flag at the Oaklane Red, White and Blue night
Joey carying the flag during the playing of the national anthem at the annual Oaklane Red, White and Blue race. I was impressed to see he could run full speed laps using one hand.

Team Dille's Racing Record

Joey #67


Click here for 2001 season graph of Joey's results.
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Joey's Racing Experience

Below are a few of highlights of the Dille racing team. You can also see a detailed week by week log of our experience as a novice team. The logs chronicle both the emotional and mechanical aspects of racing. They are in order and are in groups of 5. Just click on the set you want to view.

2001 Season

2000 Season

1999 Season

Records for Previous Years

Miscellaneous Pictures and Thoughts From Our 1999 Season

Here's Joey putting on a pass during the heat race on September 11, 1999. Note the "race face" expression and the fact his left front wheel is just skimming along the track.

Our first race at the Honeybrook track started well. Joey was leading his heat race when he ran into some lapped traffic. They were stopped! Joey was fine, but we took home a little souvenir from the Honeybrook track.

On August 7th the novice director told Joey that he was one of the Jr. Novice class that was moving up to race with the bigger restrictor used in the Jr. Honda class. The old restrictor is 3/8" the new one is 7/16". This adds about 50% more power. Check out the two restrictors.

Joey with the checkered after winning the B-main on July 10th 1999. Check out the story in race log 15.

We cracked an exhaust pipe and I searched for a new one. I got three "standard" pipes that did not fit. The top one is the old pipe. Then comes a Fast Track pipe, used Rice pipe and a new Rice pipe. None were close to fitting.

Joey with the checkered after winning his heat race on June 26th 1999.

June 19th we had a tire that was too soft on the right front. This caused the car to push like mad and slowed Joey down. I changed to a harder compound and our time improved by 0.2 seconds. Here is a picture of the two tires. This shows the 1/4" bead of rubber that was building on the inside of the tire. The correct compound only has intermittent bits of rubber on the inside.

June 19th was also Oaklane's 10th "Race Against Drugs". As part of the event Winston Cup driver Dave Green was nice enough to talk with the kids. The question and answer session was great. It was cool to hear kids talking driver to driver with a professional. After the question and answer session Dave posed with the kids for a group picture. Joey with Winston Cup Driver Dave Green. Joey is the one to the left with the green collar.

May 22nd was a good week for team Dille. Joey took 2nd in the A-main. Here he is puttin on a pass.

May 1st Joey won third heat in Jr. Novice. Joey with the checkered flag on his victory lap. This race was a real peach to watch. Joey started in the 3rd and passed the pole sitter in the first lap. He stayed in front for the remaining 14 laps for the win.

April 17th the begining of the 1999 Oaklane racing season. Joey waiting for his first race. This was just before Joey hopped into the car for his first official race, the 2nd Jr. Novice heat race. I was much more nervous than he was. He practiced very hard that week and it showed in the race. Just look at the concentration in his race face as he drives in the race. He started 5th then worked his way up to pass the leader coming out of the 4th turn on the last lap to win his first race! The picture shows Joey just pulling ahead on the inside with about 40 feet to go for the finish.

Joey with the checkered flag. Tradition calls for the winner of a Quarter midget race to carry the checkered flag for a victory lap. Needless to say the whole family was pumped after the race. The Dilles after the heat race. Joey's night continued to go well and he took 3rd in the "A" main race. This is very good as there are about 20 cars in his class.

Joey and I with the car on March 28, 1999 for our first practice. Joey is poised confidently with the car. We did very well at this practice and Joey gained confidence driving.

Joey under power for the first time March 20, 1999 during novice class. We have only had the car for a week and the other kid's number on the car. The little black bits on the outside of the track are pieces of race tires. The white part is the concrete on the inside of the banked turns. Note the good head position after hitting the apex in turn 4.

Joey in traffic Joey out in traffic for the first time. He is about to get lapped. In his second novice class Joey got much more competitive and passed many slower cars.

Tips for Attending the Races at Oaklane

- Hotline

Oaklane has a telephone hotline to broadcast if racing will be held due to weather conditions. It is a good idea to call (610) 260-3378 before heading to the track if the weather is marginal. They also will use this number to remind people of special events and schedules.

- Schedule

The races are run in two blocks. The heat races are run after sign ins which is usually 1:30 on a regular Saturday night. The
schedule gives the starting times for special events. The main or feature races are run after the intermision which is usually 6:30-7:00. This can vary due the number of cars signed up that night and any difficulties during the running of the heat races. The QMA normal race order is:

  1. Jr. Novice
  2. Sr. Novice
  3. Jr. Honda
  4. Jr. Stock
  5. Sr. Honda
  6. Heavy Honda
  7. Sr. Stock
  8. Light B-Modified
  9. Heavy B-Modified
  10. Light 160 Honda
  11. Heavy 160 Honda
  12. World Formula
  13. 1/2 Midget

Oaklane rotates classes 5-12 during the season so the same class is not running at the end of the night all the time. Joey runs in the Sr. Honda and Matt in Jr. Novice. Due to the number of cars they often run a number of heat races for the same class. When this happens they also run multiple main races. Faster cars in the A-main, slower ones in the B-main. All kids get to run in a main race.

- Parking

Parking is a bit of a problem on race night. As a spectator you should make a right at the top of the driveway and park behind the white gun club building. This lot is hard packed gravel. The quarter midget race support vehicles are to park on the gravel near the track. On busy race nights they also park on the grass. The paved portion in front of the gun club building is just for gun club use. They have stopped racing when it is apparent that quarter midget teams or spectators are parked at the gun club. Don't be one of these people.

- Food

They have a nice concession stand at the track with very reasonable prices. The menu includes hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza by the slice and cheese steaks. They also have soft drinks, coffee, ice cream, candy, mozzarella sticks, fries and nachos. You can also bring dinner.

- Bathrooms

Two porta-pottys are located on the driveway in front of the snack bar.

- What to wear

The track sits in an open area where there are few trees or buildings and gets plenty of wind. Be sure to bring something warm to put on as it usually cooler than expected.

- Where you should not to go on race day

At Quarter Midget racing you can get quite close to the action. Probably closer than any other other motorsport. However, there are certain areas of the Oaklane track that are off limits during race nights to non-Quarter Midgets of America (QMA) members for insurance and safety reasons. The off-limits area is anywhere inside of the chain link fence. This includes the line up area and impound areas where the cars assemble before the race and the track exit behind the scoring tower. Nobody is allowed to walk or climb on the dirt berm which defines the gun range.

Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades and the like are not allowed on gun club property at any time. Also, children are not to congregate on the black top or driveway near the gun club, or over at the pavilion. It is OK to play tag, catch or whatever in the field to the left of the gun club near the ball fields.

- Where you should go on race day

As a spectator you are wecome to walk around the gravel parking area and look at the cars and talk with the drivers and handlers. Drivers appreciate congratulations after races and most people are happy answer questions about their car and racing in general.

- Watching the race

Oaklane is one of the best tracks for viewing a race. There are 3 grand stands along the front straight and 2 in turn 1-2. All cars are assigned a paper number prior to the start of the race indicating their place in the starting line up of the race. These numbers facilitate the initial line up and scoring of the race. They also make restarts and watching the race easier.

Before a race there is a 2-3 minute warm up period to let the drivers warm the tires. The scoring tower will tell the flagger to start warm ups and the flagger will signal the cars to start coming out. Handlers will push start the cars in the starting lane between the grand stands and the front straight. The yellow timer under the scoring tower indicates the time remaining in the warm up period. The flagger will put out the green flag once all the cars are on the track. Cars may go into the hot chute (a.k.a. pits) during warm ups for adjustment or coaching then come out for the remaining part of the warm up. During warm ups the total number of laps in the race along with the class will be posted in the right window of the tower.

On the flagger's signal the cars will line up according to their paper number. Once the flagger is satisfied with the line up he/she will signal the drivers to line up in a staggered formation. The only exception to this procedure is the Jr. Novice class which is put into staggered formation while stopped and all cars are started at the same time. When the cars are in the proper formation the flagger will give the green flag, which starts the race. This is very similar to the way a NASCAR race is started.

As the race progresses the lap cards indicating the laps remaining will count down. The cards are turned when the car that is currently in 1st place crosses the start/finish line. This is an easy way to see who is in the lead.

If there is an accident, stall or spin the yellow flag will come out and the race will be restarted. Most accidents are quite minor and all that is required is a push statrt for the stopped cars. The judges, located in the small deck on the right of the tower will determine if a foul was committed and if the offender is to be sent to the back for the restart. Based on the judges input the scorers will put the starting line up in the left window of the tower. Numbers shown in black are lapped cars. Once the cars are in the proper order the flagger will restart the race with the green flag.

As the lead car crosses the finish line for the last lap the flagger will throw the white flag. The leader is given the checkered flag as he/she crosses the finnish line. The race is over and all cars except the winner exit the track by turn 3. The winner stays out on the track and the flagger gives them the checkered flag for a victory lap. This is very cute.

All cars are weighed after the race. After more important races the cars are impounded for technical inspections.

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