~ Joe Dille - Aviator ~

Dad was an avid aviator. Apparently his love for aviation started in early childhood. While going through his papers I found an old album that contained pictures of World War II aircraft. I believe he pasted these pictures from Life and other magazines with his mom. I also found course notes from the Bronx High School of Science from an aviation course and a post card with Charles Lindburgh. Dad's fascination with flying went unfulfilled until his dad purchased a small plane in 1965. Dad took lessons and learned that you did not have to be superman like Charles Lindburgh to fly. He had the itch and spent the rest of his life scratching it.

This is the plane that started it all back in 1965. A small Cessna 150, two seat trainer. He learned out of a small dirt strip called Croton Airpark.

A Christmas card from the late '60s. Even though we could only go one at a time, Dad liked to take us all flying in Grandpa's plane.

A family Christmas picture in front of one of Westair's planes.

Up at the airport on his 1968 Honda 175.

Dad doing what he loved...Flying.

Dad and some of his friends. Just hanging out at the airport.

In 1991 Dad and I got a chance to go for a ride in the Fuji blimp.

Dad at the helm of the Fuji Blimp. The pilot was a certified instructor and gave us each 1/2 hour of lighter than air dual time in our log books.

Dad and his 1992 Piper Super Cub. This was a fun plane. Unfortunately neither of us got very proficient flying it. It was not very practical since it only held 2 people.

In 1996 dad bought a 1975 Cessna 172 Skyhawk. This was a four seater and was very easy to fly. Dad dusted off my flying skills which allowed me to fly solo for the first time in 22 years. I loved flying with Dad since he always challenged me to do better. We both enjoyed taking my son Joey on rides. Dad with his flying buddies Hal on the left and Vinnie on the right..

Airport employee badge. He was very proud of his position as Chief Ground Instructor.