~ The Dilles ~

Mom and Dad in 1996 ready to go to a friend's wedding.

Mom and Dad in 1978. During dad's brief experiment with a beard.

Dad and me in 1959 on the back of my Papa May's boat with our dog Smokey. I was 1 1/2.

Our family Christmas card in 1965 or 1966 with my Grandpa D's plane.

Our family Christmas card in 1970. My sister and I are posed on my dad's Honda. In the livingroom!

Christmas at our house, 1983. Left to right.


Dad walking my sister Cathy down the aisle. This was one of his proudest moments. September 28, 1991.

Dad feeding his grandson Matthew on Christmas 1997. It makes me sad that Dad did not get much time to spend with Matt.

Dad showing his grandson Joey his new transceiver. Christmas 1992.

Dad teaching Joey to be a real engineer. Christmas 1996.

The 4 Joe Dilles

This is one of my most cherished photos.

Engine 759. An old steam engine that my grandfather was selected to engineer on the first leg of the Golden Spike Centenial celebration tour in May 1969.

Grandpa D. and my sister Cathy in the cab of engine 759.

My dad in the cab of engine 759 in 1996. 27 years later!

Dad's Parents

My grandmother and grandfather at my dad's college graduation. One sharp couple.

My grandparents with my grandfather at the helm of an Amtrak Turbo Train. April 21, 1969. Grandpa D. was the first engineer in the US to drive a Turbo Train.

Dad and his Dad having a good time at a railroad function.

My grandparents with Dad at his 20th anniversary of working at Westair.

Dad and his father with the Piper Super Cub.