QB Wings

Brother QB, valiant friend
Go in the grace of God!
Go where the ships come down to park
When the day is done and night falls dark
And landing gears etch their mark
Upon eternal sod.

Brother QB, valiant friend
For alone thy flight shall be,
Such journey is not strange to thee
Whose years have compassed land and sea
So long without surcease.

Brother QB, valiant friend
Go to eternal rest!
For storms shall roll and winds shall ply
Without erasure from on high
Thy trace writ large on freedom's sky
Until thy course held west.

In Memory of Joseph R. Dille

QB #24305


Frank A. Abbot Jr. John Sheldon Lewis
William J Ahern Jr. Rollins MacLeish
Lee E. Atkins Frederick V. Martin
Kenneth R. Aune Thomas W. Mason
Salvatore J. Basso Eugene J. McCardle
Lee C. Boyd Edwin J. McGinty
Robert F. Cantarera John R. Merola
Alexander E. Chaite Gustave O. Mattia
Chris Carter Robert C. Mode
Richard S. Conkling Daniel J. Nalvan
Richard C. Crabtree Fred Neuman
Michael Duban Mark W. Nichols
Anthony J. Dziados Jr. John C. Pfeiffer
Douglas R. Erwin John H. Queeny Sr.
Raymond E. Exam Jr. Roland R. Ross
Joseph A. Fitzpatrick Randall B. Richards
Leroy A. Frost Robert Schollmeyer
Edward V. Giampoli John Schneider
Donald H. Gleaues Charles Sincerebeaux
Homer F. Green Donald A. Spears
Ervin Guyer Gregory K. Squires
Richard F. Hamm Dennis Taylor
Ambros S. Harvey Micheal R. Tobash
Mark S. Herrmann Carleton W. Todd
Richard I. Hornbeck Frank W. Umhoefer
John R. Hughes Samuel B. Uydess
Richard Jogodnik Robert J. Ventura
Michael P. Lanigan Ben Wrobel
William B. Lawrence Jr. Phillip E. Young