~ Pictures of Joe ~

It made me both happy and sad to go through Dad's pictures. They brought back some wonderful memories of good times and made me ask questions about where was this, who was that. Questions that won't get answered. I just want to share a few pictures.

Dad in 1947 on his father's new Harley in the Bronx. The bike was a 1947 overhead valve model with the 74 cubic inch engine.

Dad's senior picture from college.

Dad after graduating college in his new 1951 MG TD sports car. This picture hung in his parent's house and in Dad's den in our house. It is one of my favorites.

Dad with his buddy, Walt Koehnken celebrating Walt's 50th birthday in 1978. Just before the party Dad was asking Mom what to wear to the party. I chimed in and said a toga would work. Even though it was not a costume party he took my suggestion.

Dad in 1997 during the New York State Volunteer Firefighters Convention. Dad got to ride in the truck because of his seniority and he was legally handicaped. Ironically, he walked home from the parade, which was longer than the parade route itself.