Our Kids

This page is where we show off our kids. On this page we have pictures of Matt and Joey together. You can click on the links to get pictures of Joey or Matt.

For 2003 haloween Joey was a pickle and Matt was a pirate. Check out the picture.

Check out the Woolly Bear races that Joey and Matt made up.

Joey and Matt playing in the leaves during the annual leaf harvest. It was Matt's first time in the leaves, but they both had a great time. Joey and Matt hanging out on Joey's race car in the back yard. Both kids had a good time throwing leaves out of my dump cart.

Team Dille getting ready to go racing June 26th 1999. Matt and Joey posing with the car. The Dille's loading #67 into the truck. Joey posing car, ready to race. Matt looks like he is ready to race too. Joey went on to win his heat that night and take 3rd in the main race. Visit Joey's Racing Web Page.

On June 27, 1999 we visited the Pennsylvania Live Steam railroad club. This club located in Rahn's Pennsylvania has over a mile of scale track in several gages and opens the gates to the public on the forth Sunday of June, July and August. Some of the steam engines are coal fired, some use petrolium fuels. A typical coal fired scale steam train. One of the most impressive trains is #5000. It is a Northern 4-8-4, has over 25 years in construction and is one of the biggest engines at the track. . There are a few scale electric trains too. These are powered by batterys.

The bigger engines pull a 5-10 car train which can haul passengers and they give out free rides on public days. Here's the Dille's on our ride. It was fun going through the scale tunnels and bridges. The smell of coal and sound of steam is real. It is a great place to have a picnic. Joey and Matt hanging out on the picnic blanket. The Dille's checking out the gage 1 track as the engineer fills the boiler. These are real steam engines too.

Here is Joey waiting for the school bus outside while little brother Matt waits inside

Joey and Matt with Joey's Thanksgiving 1998 project. You can learn more about the project by going to Joey's page.

Joey and Matt during labor day 1998 at the Bucks-Mont 2 cylinder tractor show.

Matt and Joey ready for Halloween 1998Joey and Matt were ready to go around PaPa Foyder's neiborhood to trick-or-treat.

Matt and Joey ready for Halloween 1998Another, slightly cuter picture of Joey and Matt were ready to go trick-or-treating.

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