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Matt playing his first solo at the first annual Souderton S.A.V.E. (Students Against Violating the Earth) talent show. The medley are tunes that he selected with the help of his mom. Click on the picture to see him play. (54 second .avi) You can see a higher quality version here which is 16 MB.

Matt's picture of an alien leaving in his spacecraft. The alien on the other planet is saying "Come Again".

Matt's picture of a diver in a dangerous situation.
Drawn at 5 years old

Matt as a robot for Halloween. Matt did not like his costume until he figured out it was how to get candy. After that he liked it. He was especially cute with his little brother who was a robot scientist .

Matt playing in the leaves during the October 99 leaf harvest.

Matt's protrait October, 1999.

Matt before and after his first haircut.

Matt on June 27, 1999. We were visiting the Pennsylvania Live Steam Club.

Matt ready for Halloween 1998Cowboy Matt was ready to go trick-or-treating for the first time.

Howdy Ma'am Matt is ready to go around PaPa Foyder's neiborhood and get some treats.

Matt doin' the face Matt makes this face when ever he wants the rest of us to laugh.

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