Web Resources for Parents of Gifted Children


Hoagie's Gifted Education Page
Hoagies' Gifted Education Page is a comprehensive resource guide for education of gifted children.
Education Resource Information Center (ERIC)
Another comprehensive resource on gifted education with many government links.
Hollingworth Center
Hollingworth Center for Highly Gifted Children, Portland Maine
Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education
New Jearsy Association for Gifted Children
Gifted Development Center
Gifted Development Center, Denver Colorado
University of Conneticut
University of Conneticut"s National Research Center on the Gifted and Tallented
National Gifted Fund
National Gifted Fund, Venango, Nebraska
The Roper Review
The Roper Review, Bloomfield Hills, MI.
Virtual School for the Gifted
PO Box 549, Hurstbridge, Victoria 3099 Australia

Research Resources

Science Stuff
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Educational Toys

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