Randy Long's Address

I have been singing the praises of Randy Long on the tech list since I had the R90s heads done in 1995. I second Phactory Phil's opinion about this guy knowing what he is doing. Ron Rohner has given him several jobs and has had good luck. Randy works out of his basement, but what a basement! It is a large rancher where the basement extends under the whole house and the two car garage. He has two people working for him. The basement actually has departments, shipping, clean up and welding, inspection and machining. Way cool.

I was very impressed when I met him and toured his shop. He made a rig to test the leak down of every head he fixes on compressed air. Typical practice it to grind the valve seats at 45 deg and the valves at 46 deg. This insures a seal by causing an interference. The down side is a thin sealing area that may not wear well. Not good enough for Randy. He modified a Swiss valve grinding machine to use collets to hold the valves perfectly concentric during resurfacing. He now gets perfect seals using 45 and 45 angles and his customers get a long lasting valve job. Randy can also fix damaged heads, like broken fins and buggered threads. His repairs not only work well, the look good too. He is also set up to machine and balance flywheels.

Randy Long
Long's Mechanical Services
R.D. 1, Box 685-K
74 Risbon Road
Honey Brook PA 19344


I believe Bob's and several other shops send their head work to him. Did I mention he rides an R90s :-)

Ride Safe,


P.S. I have no interest in Randy Long or his shop. I have put this page up because many have asked me for his address and phone number.

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