SAAB 9-5 Stuff

At 98k miles the clutch started to slip a bit when warm and under high load. Click here to see how I changed it without any special tools.

I kept breaking the seat side cover when I slipped on the ice in the winter. See how I fixed my driver's seat.

I was getting the service theft alarm message on just about every trip and my alarm was going off at random times whenever the car was locked. I rebuilt the alarm with new batteries and capacitors. See how to rebuild the theft alarm.

This is a picture of the famous "Orange Relay" that causes all sorts of headlight gremlins. Click on the picture for a larger view. Thanks for the picture Dan!

This is the heater valve that often leaks on the 9-5. It is a vacuum operated valve that leaks where the acctuator enters the valve. if you have this leak you will see coolant dripping off the firewall when the engien is running. Saab sells the a valve "assembly" with hoses for $300. The generic GM part number is 90566947 for just the valve which is $57 or so. You can also get the valve at a Cadillac dealer as it is used in a Catera.

These are the Saab snow tires on the snowflake wheels.

The wipers failed on my 9-5 when part of the frame of the wiper mechanism broke. See how I fixed the wipers for about $2.

The heat stopped coming out of the drivers side. I traced this down to a broken stop arm in the blend arm. This caused the ACC to log a code 08 error. I fixed it for less than $20. Check out my Code 08 fix.

Here's the 9-5 hauling our race trailer. We have 2 cars, the driver's equipment and all the tools in one compact package. The 2.3 Turbo pulls the load fine and I still get about 20 mpg rolling down the road.

Check out some of my other toys.

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