SAAB 9-5 Wiper Fix

The wipers started to get noisy, making a thumping sound as they worked. The thumping got worse and the left wiper started moving less and less. I removed the plastic cover over the wiper motor and discovered the frame of the wiper assembly was broken.

The break is between the cast pivot and the steel tube. It is indicated by the shiny area right above my finger. Let's get started

Once I got the wiper assembly out of the car the pivot came away from the tube. The pivot is clearly broken where it was swaged into the tube. There were no signs of corrosion in the area. Over the 5 years we have had the car, here has been no issues or trama to the wipers. I believe failure occured due to fatigue of the metal. Broken Frame

I repaired the failed joint by slipping a 3' long piece of galvanized pipe over the two pieces. The pipe was a tight fit, requiring a few taps with a hammer to drive it home. I installed 4 small M5 bolts into the pipe and wiper parts to hold the parts together. Even though the parts fit tightly, I filled the joint with metal filled epoxy to prevent relative movement. Repaired Frame

The repair is covered by the plastic shroud and is not visible. We have driven the car in the rain several times since the repair and it apears to be holding.

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