2000 Schaluch Race Car painted for the 2001 Race Season

Joey Dille's
2000 Schlauch
Race Car

Here is the car painted for the 2001 season in Saab Imola Red. As you can see it was painted in the off season. In fact the paint job was just finished in time for christmas. After Joey opened all of his "under the tree" presents I had him look out in the yard and there was his bright red car sitting in the snow.

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Visit Schlauch Race Cars
Visit Schaluch Race Cars

Right Front Close Up

Right Front

Right Rear Close Up

Left Rear

Rear Suspension


Brake Control

Right Side

Note, all of the open area on the side of the car. There is plenty of room to promote sponsors. Contact me at joe@dille.montgomery.pa.us for more information on sponsoring our team.

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