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1971 BMW R75/5 with California Friendship Sidecar

This was my first rig which I had from 1981 to 1986. I bought it so I could go on trips and take my dog "Bulk". The bike was in rough shape when I bought it and I rebuilt it. It was mostly stock, but I added dual plugs, Dyna ignition and lightened the flywheel. The sidecar was purchased new from California Sidecars in 1981. I got a good deal since the sidecar was originally built for the Panamanian government, but they canceled the order after the chair was assembled. The sidecar was easily detachable from the bike and I would take it off for state inspection and slow rides at rallies and poker runs. It took me 5 minutes to take it off and 10 to put it back on.


1986 BMW K100 with EML Sidecar

This is my current rig. I purchased the bike new and added the sidecar after breaking it in solo. The bike is one of the few K100s that came to the US without a fairing. The sidecar is Dutch made and came as a kit. The kit required numerous modifications to the bike to make it more suitable for hauling the sidecar including new front and rear suspensions and a subframe. It is not possible to remove the sidecar for solo riding due to the large number of modifications to the bike. This is not a problem since it is such a good handling sidecar. The sidecar is quite roomy and it will easily fit two children. It has a convertible top and a large trunk. I ride this bike about every other day. I often use it to pick up large items at the hardware store or take my oldest son places.

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