Quarter Midget Race Tracks

Here are some pictures of various tracks around the country showing how they are set up. Unlike most quarter midget pictures these focus on the race track, not the racing or racers. I have emphasized how the particular club has implimened soft walls and safety lights. The purpose of these pages are to provide a preview of various tracks to teams that are considering visiting. GPS coordinates are provided for many tracks to help people find them for the first time. These pictures also provide a resource for clubs to see how others set up their track.

Of course, I did not take all of these pictures myself. It is a community effort helped by friends and fellow racers that have an occasion to visit the track with a camera. If you want to help by adding pictures of your track, please check out this page of tips for taking pictures.

Check out the new soft wall at Oaklane . It is a unique safety wall for quarter midget racing.

If you have comments on any of the pictures, or want to e-mail me picutures of your track you can contact me at: Send info to Joe Dille

QMA Tracks

Outlaw Tracks

Safety Light

All types of used traffic lights avaliable from Twin Green Traffic Signals.

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