Tips for Taking Track Pictures

First, thanks for even thinking about taking a set of track pictures to add to the collection. My goal with these pages is to give the viewer a sense of what it is like to be at the track. I also want to show details of caution/safety/yellow lights and soft walls. That way, clubs thinking of adding them can see what others have done, and not have to reinvent the wheel. Pictures are best taken during non-race time when you have unlimited access to the track. However, pictures can also be taken during race day. Here is a list of "standard" track pictures that will contribute to the goal.

Standard Pictures

The panoramic pictures are made from a series of 3-5 overlapping shots taken from a fixed point in the tower and/or stands sweeping around showing the whole track. You want the shots to overlap about 20%. Try and and get as high a vantage point as possible. Keep the camera level and at the same zoom setting sweeping from left to right with the far track wall roughly centered in the frame. I take your pictures and stitch them together to make one big panoramic pictures. Check out the other pages to see the results of what I am talking about.

If you have a GPS unit, please include the exact GPS coordinates on the site to allow people to find the track easier. This will be appreciated by those trailering long distances and ariving late.

Thanks for your help.

Race Safe,


PS: Digital pictures in .jpg format in 640x480 size are best, but I can take prints too. If you are sending a lot of pictures please limit mailings to 5 Meg each. (Warning is nice too.) Send info to Joe Dille

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