Pictures from Honeybrook Raceway

Honeybrook, PA

Home of DQMRC

Welcome to Honeybrook Raceway. This track underwent extensive renovations in the beginning of the 2002 racing season. The renovations include a new soft wall and changing the track exit configuration.
Photos by Brian Curry.

View up the track from turn 3 showing the new soft wall. The outer part of the straight aways have been repaved. The soft wall is made from passenger car tires sandwiched between sheets of 3/4" plywood. The wall is backed by a cable anchored to posts at the end of the wall. One anchor post is visible at the bottom of the picture.

View down track from turn 4 showing the soft wall between the track and starting lane. Based on the paint marks on the track indicate the wall may have been moved out from the initial position. In the background extra tires that have been added on the outer wall as protection for the cars exiting the track just after the flag stand.

View down front straight from turn 4. The turn 1 break in the wall is a combonation track entrance and the post-race exit.

View into turns 3-4. The soft wall starts at the end of the pit stalls. The wall on this side has two supporting cables. Pit area and starting lane have been widened with concrete paving. Prior to a race cars are rolled up a little hill to the pit area where the people are standing. They then head down the starting lane towards the track entrance. During warm ups cars exit the track in turn 3 on the right side of the picture.

Close up of outside of back straight soft wall.

Inner surface of back straight wall. Lots of black marks here. It looks like the closest pannel has been added as a repair doubling the original thickness. From the paint marks on the track it looks like the wall has been pushed back from its original position.

View of track side of front straight wall. Note protection for flagger.

Close up of flag stand at track entrance. Very professional.

View into the pits/staging area from the pre-staging area. During practice cars exit in turn 3 to pit or exit the track area.

Track (exit/entrance) area in turn 1. The new post-race exit goes around turns 1-2. Naturally it can't used when the entrance is being used. A layer of tires keeps racers from the hard outside wall if they get distracted.

View of the old track gate. After the completion of a race the #2 corner worker would swing the gate open to let the drivers off the track.

Trackside view of the old exit gate.

View showing the new track exit lane leading down to the scale area. The old track exit was through the gate and down the black asphalt path. This was interesting for a first time visiting driver as they would open up the wall and then go down a blind hill after exiting the track. The new layout gives drivers a much better view of stopped cars.

Car scale is located under roof on the discharge of the track exit. The scale elevation is almost 3' below the track surface.

Covered scale area.

View of turn 3-4. Where are the speed breakers?

Here they are... Close up of the apex of turn 3-4 shows the speed breakers have sunken into the grass over time. The grass in the pavement indicates that cars don't generally come in this far.

Scoring tower and judges stand. Note the checkered flag window treatment.

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