Pictures from Black Bird QMRC

New Castle, DE

Welcome to Black Bird
Photos by Brian Curry.

Turn 3 area showing the track exit, turn 3 light and pit area. Nothing soft about this wall. It is a full scale Jersey barrier! The shelter on the left is the staging area. The one to the right is the scale area.

Close up of track surface. A bit rough. It has veen very dry in Delaware and the track has not been raced for a over a week. I am sure you can see China if you stare straight down. (Note the difference between this and the groomed surface in the race night shots below. The club does a great job with what they have to work with.)

Close up of safety light in turn 3. The light assembly is made from 3 colored spot lights placed in an alumnum box. The bulbs are set red, yellow , green like a traffic signal. The cover of the box swings closed during non race times. Turn 3 light in action during a caution.

Safety light in turn 1 is a copy of the light in turn 3 and behind the fence. This picture shows it with the door closed.

Turn 1-2 run off area. The wall is hard, but there is a lot of room between the racing line and the wall. The corner worker's stand has pallets to help him jump over the wall.

Closeup of rub rail in turns. It is made from 1-1/4" iron pipe anchored to the infield.

Corner worker's station in turn 1 set up for business.

Flag stand on the end of front straight. The large metal box contains the lap counter that is viewed by the scoring tower and fans.

Close up of flag stand.

Close up of flaggers switch. The small toggle switch on the side turns the system on and off. The large switch is a maintained contact type and has three positions.

Close up of lap counter over the flag stand. A duplicate is located on the side of the scoring tower for the flagger to watch during a race.

Covered and paved staging area looking into the track entrance in turn 4.

Scoring tower and judges stand. The column of circular objects to the left of the judging stand are lights to indicate the amount of warm up left. A light turns off every minute.Warm up light in action.

Back of scoring tower. The building is made better than some houses.

The quality carries into interior of the scoring tower. It is spacious and well appointed..

Tractor powered tiller for grooming the track.Business end of tiller for breaking up the clods. This looks like it should do the trick.

Old "bug" is used for packing in the track. The wing is a nice touch.

Racers lined up and ready to go, making one last pass in front of the camera. The track looks much better after preperation.

Flagger on the track during a race stoppage working with the race director. Note the red light in the background.

Snack shack.

Winners circle :-) They keep a trophy at the circle during race night for photos.

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