Pictures from Snydersville Raceway

Snyderville, PA

GPS coordinates: N 40 58.148', W 75 16.647', 740 feet above sea level

Welcome to Snydersville Raceway. Admission is $6.
Photos by Brian Curry.

Pan-O-Ramic view of the Snydersville track from the flag stand at the end of the front straight. The track is roughly twice the size of a standard QMA track. The track has 4 safety lights, the one on turn 1 can be seen to the right.Click on image to see the big picture.

Pan-O-Ramic view from the grand stands in turn 3. Scoring tower is the brown building diagonally across the track. The flag stand is located just to the left of the scoring tower. The base of the flag stand is partially obscured by one of the fence poles, but the white hip roof is visible above the fence. It is unusual for a flag stand to have a roof. The hip roof of the snack bar is visible outside of turn 4. The rest rooms are on the far right in between turns 3 and 4, also with a rip roof. Click on image to see the big picture.

Snack bar, aka the Chuck Wagon.

Racing action at Snydersville.

More racing action at Snydersville. Corner workers are posted on the infield.

Track wall is a substantial wooden structure backed by a chain link catch fence. Track rules forbid standing next to the fence.

Safety light at Snydersville.

Safety light at Snydersville in action.

Flag stand/Scoring tower. The flagger is actually under roof.

Safety light switches located in the covered flag stand. Good thing these switches are out of the weather.

1st class rest rooms complete with handicap ramp.

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