Pictures from Blue Mountain Speedway

Walnutport, PA

GPS coordinates: N 40 45.965', W 75 34.580', 543 feet above sea level

Welcome to Blue Mountain Speedway
Photos by Brian Curry.

Pan-O-Ramic view of the back straight showing the stands and snack bar. The grand stands are truly grand, allowing a good view of the track. The track just received several inches of rain and has not been groomed. Click on image to see the big picture.

Pan-O-Ramic view of front straight showing the scoring tower. Track exit is part way through turn 3. Track entrance is in turn 4. Click on image to see the big picture.

Scoring tower located on the front straight.

View down the back straight looking into turn 3. Blue mountain uses 4 caution lights: in the entrance of turns 1&3 and on the exits of turns 2&4. The track exit is located partway through turn 3 to avoid the substantial snack bar.

Close up of safety light in turn 3. The light is a standard 8" traffic signal with the sun shades removed. They have 4 lights around the track so all the drivers see the light quickly as possible.

Flag stand located just below the scoring tower.

Controls for lights at the flag stand made from standard outdoor fixtures wired with UF wire. It looks easy to confuse the drives with more than one light showing.

Track wall is two 2x10 rails on 4x4 posts. The wall is backed by a 6' chain link fence.

Track rub rail.

Close up of rub rail. The rail is made from 3" plastic pipe fastened to anchors set into the ground. The anchors are made by welding tabs onto pieces of rebar. The pipe is fastened to the tabs with lag bolts.

Grand stands on the back stretch. The track sets into a hill which allows fans to walk right from the parking lot to their seats. The high stands allows a good view over the 6' fence. This track has a beautiful setting.

Track grader is a small, purpose built tractor stored under the tower. Spare sections of rub rail are stored here too..

Club members get assigned pit areas.

Fueling station. Track fuel is used for all races.

Race night action showing yellow light in action. Corner workers are stationed on the infield.

The well stocked snack bar does a brisk business.

Victory lane :-)

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