Pictures from Lehigh Valley Speedway

Long Pond, PA

GPS coordinates: N 41 03.310 ', W 75 31.395', 1887 feet above sea level

Welcome to Lehigh Valley QMRC. Located on the grounds of Pocono International Raceway. The track is located near gate #5 at the intersection of Long Pond road and Andretti road as shown on the Track Map.
Photos by Brian Curry.

Pan-O-Ramic view from the grand stands. Track is modeled after the tri-oval of the Pocono International Raceway. Track entrance is on the exit of turn 2, the exit is on the entrance of turn 2. Path through the infield is the hot chute. Click on image to see the big picture.

Pan-O-Ramic view from turn 2 showing the scoring tower, snack bar and substantial grand stands. The track has 3 safety lights, one in each corner. Click on image to see the big picture.

View down track entering turn 2. Safety lights are positioned in each of the 3 corners. They are standard 8" traffic signals. The sun shades are removed on this light, but have been left on the others.

Color-coded switches for the safety lights. On race night they are crontrolled from the flag stand. They are shown in the tower, where they are stored.

Flag stand is located below the scoring tower on the front straight.

Close up of track wall. The wall is made from two pieces of 2x6 synthetic lumber mounted on 4x4 posts. The plastic "wood" is made from recycled consumer plastic. This would apear to be a good choice for a track wall as it won't splinter and is very weather resistant. The downside it that it is more expensive than pressure treated lumber. The wall is backed by a 6' retaining fence.

Track entrance in turn 2.

Driver's view of track exit in turn 2. Cars stop at the sign then are pushed through the gray utility building after the race.

The utility building contains the scales, track fuel and has lighted work benches for tech inspections. Drivers exit the building right back into the pit area.

Water tanker for dust control. This track has more track grooming equipment than most. Check out the rest of the Lehigh Valley equipment on the track equipment page.

Scoring tower and judges stand are located right in the middle of the grand stands. A unique design.

Snack bar with dining area.

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