Pictures from Garden State QMRC

Wall Township, NJ

Welcome to Garden Sate QMRC. The track is located on the grounds of the Wall Township Speedway which is clearly visible from this satellite image.
All terestrial photos by Brian Curry.

Pan-O-Ramic view from the flag stand showing the back stretch and scoring tower. The track entrance it to the left in turn 3 and the track exit to the far right in turn 1. Click on image to see the big picture.

Pan-O-Ramic view from the judges stand showing the front stretch. The staging area is to the left, flag stand in the center and children's playground to the far right. Click on image to see the big picture.

View down the back straight showing the caution light and track clock.

Caution light in turn 1. Caution light in turn 3.
Both lights are 8" single units with sun visors mounted on homemade aluminum brackets. The lights were just installed when this picture was taken so the rest of the caution light wiring was not in place.

Flag stand. It is assumed the switch for the caution light will be mounted here. Note how the plywood facing the wall has been splintered by many glancing hits.

The track wall at the wall track is made from a pair of 2x12 boards faced with plywood on 4x4 posts. A pair of cables wrap around the wall to add strength.

The corner workers are required to wear bright vests and orange gloves at Garden State. This makes them more visible to the drives during a caution.

Speed breakers are right out of the QMA rule book.

Covered staging area allows three races worth of cars to line up in the shade. This helps organize the cars and speeds up the show.

Staging area in use. Well... at least 2/3 of the cars get to be in the shade.

View from the staging area down the starting track. The starting area is nice and wide the give the handlers a place to move to the left after their car starts.

Track exit. Hot chute is to the left and the scales are straight ahead.

Drivers stop here after the race before getting pushed over the scales..

Nice big timer to keep track of warm up time.

Snack shack.

Nobodys moving these benches.

Victory lane :-)

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