Pictures from Bunker Hill Mini Speedway

Bunker Hill, Il

Home of the Metro St. Louis Quarter Midget Racing Association
Welcome to Bunker Hill Speedway
Photos by Buz Kaido.

Pan-O-Ramic view from the pits showing the back stretch and scoring tower. Some cars can be seen exiting the track. Click on image to see the big picture.

Overall view of track from turn 3. Start/Finish line is the orange line on the track wall to the left of the MSLQMRA logo.

Close up of caution light in turn 3. The light is made from a two element railroad signal, which is quite unusual. One light is red and the other yellow.

Back stretch and back of caution light.

Flag stand from the hot chute in turn 1. Entry gate is in front of and to the left of the white shed. A car is being weighed behind the shed.

Close up of the color coded switches for the caution light.

View of track entrance from turn 1. The gate to the left is for service vehicles. Staging area is on far side of chainlink fence. The metal framework is for a tarp that covers the staging area for daytime special events. Club races are usually Saturday nights.

View of back stretch from the track exit in turn 3. Track has been soaked for the evening's race.

Close up of track wall. Wall is made from 2x lumber on 4x4 posts. The grass in front of the wall indicates it does not get much use at his point.

View of the hot chute from the scale area. Track roller is in the foreground in front of shed.

View of pits from the scale area.

Scoring tower and judges stand.

Track surface before packing. It's just dirt but... with a little care it becomes a racing surface. First the track soaked to near quagmire conditions and left to sit to let the water soak deep. A few race cars are then put out on the track to pack it and seal the surface. Cars can pick up as much as 25 lbs of mud during track packing.

Consession stand on left and the cleanest restrooms in the QMA on the right. The potty trailer will be underpinned over the winter of 2002.

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