Pictures from Northwest Ohio QMRA

Toledo, OH

Northwest Ohio QMRA. The track is located on the grounds Lucas County Recreation Center. You can find a nice map to the track here.
Sketch & Photos by Doug Grosjean.

Pan-O-Ramic view from the stands showing the back stretch and scoring tower. The track entrance and exit is to the right in turns 3 and 4. Track surface is asphalt in the straights with concrete patches in the turns. (Some of the patches have patches.) Covered staging area is shown to the right. The flat roofed, white building on the far right is the snack bar.
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Pan-O-Ramic view from the track entrance showing the back stretch and pit area. The judge's stand is ahead on the right. Click on image to see the big picture.

View down the back straight showing the track wall. The wall is constructed of a single piece of Armco guard rail mounted flush with the track. Guard rails on straights are supplemented with painted plywood sheets backed by dual 2x8 wood planks attached to RR ties driven into ground. The plywood assembly. is above (and only above) the guardrail, adding height to the guardrail.

Another view down the back stretch showing the front of the track wall. This shot also shows the single height wall in the turns.

View of turns 1 and 2 showing the double height wall in front of the pits. A construction barrier backed by a tires protects the beginning of the track wall at the track exit. This track seems to have a larger than average runoff in the turns, which may reduce the number of cars hitting the wall in the turns.

Close up turn 1-2. The speed breakers are right from the QMA guidelines. Lift lines are right at the entrance to the concrete sections.

Track entrance. Starting track is very short.

Pit area is nice and wide. This shot shows the tires that provide aditional protection to the pit entrance.

Track exit from the outside. The tire-covered gate is opened at the end of a race.

Close up of flagstand.

Scoring tower is gated off. Just "follow the yellow brick road" to the tower.

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