Pictures from Baylands Track
San Jose, CA

GPS Coordinates: N 37 14.166' , W 121 43.143' , 1200 feet above sea level

Welcome to Baylands
Pictures thanks to Brian Curry.

Pan-O-Ramic view from the judging stand showing the front stretch and flag stand. The staging area is on the far left and the track entrance is on the far right. Click on image to see the big picture.

Picture of turn 3 yellow light. Wiring may not be up to "code". The track entrance can be seen on the other side of the catch fence.

Lights are in turn 1 and 3

The light is a single section from a standard traffic light.

Standard diffuser lens has be replaced with yellow plastic. This reduces some of the optical efficiency of the light.

Flag stand.

Switch for caution light..

Annotated picture thanks to Jim Van Riper. Click on picture for BIG view.

This is access for the corner workers.

Tire and plywood wall. The plywood sections are held together with galvanised wood screws.

Poles go 30" into the ground. The tires are 2 deep around most of the track, but are 3 deep in the hard hit areas exiting the turns. The inner wall is 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood 2' tall overlapped. The bottom part of the wall is an additional sheet, 1' tall, which is painted red.


Track exit with important message to drivers. The turn 1 light is right on the exit.

Speed breakers are made from king size Bots Dots.

Kids play area.
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