Pictures from Southern Colorado QMA

Pueblo, CO

Home of the QMA Western Grands
1988, 1998, and 2002

Arial photo of the track taken during the 2002 Western Grands. The spacious track is located on the grounds Pueblo Motorsports Park, West of Pueblo. You can find directions to the track here.
Photos by David Swangler .

Pan-O-Ramic view of the track from the entrance in turn 2. The racing surface is concrete.
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View of the scoring tower and turn 3 on the back stretch. The tower is quite large and very well made. The race timer stands on a metal frame in the lower left of the picture. Also in the lower left you can see that the corner workers get their own umbrellas. The view beyond the tower shows that neighbors are not a problem.

View of the flag stand. The flagger gets a solid cage with a metal roof.

The wall is constructed with the following materials, listed from the track side out.

  1. 3/4" plywood painted alternating black and white panels overlapping
  2. 3/4" plywood bolted to tires
  3. Winston cup race tires standing up with drain holes drilled in the bottom
  4. 2"x6" board screwed around top of plywood
  5. 3/4 plywood on backside of the tires
  6. Pipe hammered into ground and pressing against item five
  7. Roofing rubber covering all of thee above

Scorers get a nice view from the substantial tower.

View from the outside of the pits showing the generous hot chute area. There is a catch fence between the track wall and the pit area to keep the handlers back from the track. The fence between the pits and the pit cart area was shortened for the 2002 season to improve access. The size of the scoring tower is clear in this photo. (Is there a municipal airport missing their tower?)

Spectators sit is luxury under a nice canopy. Picnic benches are shaded too.

View of the staging area from the track entrance. Racers are waiting to get out on the track.

Another shot of the staging area. Everything is well made at this track. The staging area has a metal roof that rests on a steel structure that is set into concrete piers. The staging area is also lit with powerful lights.

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