Pictures from I-70 QMA

Greenville, Il

I 70 is a new, very fast, all concrete banked oval, with maximum length straights. The track is located at the beautiful Bond County Fairgrounds in Greenville, Ill. The track offers soft walls, large covered pit area, real restrooms, acres of level parking, 30A electric hookups available, trackside. Racing is on most Sundays.
Photos by Buz Kaido .

Pan-O-Ramic view of the track from turn 1-2. The racing surface is 100% concrete.
Click on image to see the big picture.

Track exit from the pits. The soft wall is frestanding and sits directly on the concrete surface. The trailing edge of the wall is tapered.

View down front straight from starting area.

Flag stand.

Track soft wall.

Close up of wall. The wall is made from race tires sandwiched between 3/4 plywood. Plastic chanels protect the top edge of the wood from the weather.

Staging area.

Scale area. Located behind the staging area.

Roger Kaido does well at this track :-)

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