Pictures from Pomona Valley QMA

Pomona, CA

Welcome to Pomona Valley
Photos by John Thompson

Pan-O-Ramic view from turns 1-2. The tower sits on the front stretch, which is unusual.
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View of back stretch from the grand stands. Track is asphalt with concrete in the corners. The concrete extends through the inside to make a semicircle.

Safety light in turn 1 is a 3 element 8" diameter unit. A similar light is in turn 3.

Close up of track wall. Passenger car tires are stacked vertically against a lightweight steel backing wall. The wall is faced with 3/4 plywood. It looks like an extra piece of thinner plywood has been added to this section. The tires were police car take-offs donated by the local municipality. This is why they are all the same size and have the same tread pattern.

Scoring tower shows typical southern California architecture with a motel style balcony for the judges.

View across the track at turn 1 showing the tech shed where motors are inspected after important races or after breaking track records.

View down the back stretch showing the track wall and sponsor board. The turn 3 safety light is shown by the track exit.

View up the ftont stretch showing track wall support and track entrance.

View down the starting track showing the flag stand. The track wall is freestanding along the straights.

Shaded staging area for drivers. The light brown rock near the center of the picture has a plaque on it dedicating the track to Carlo Pogetto in around 1957 or so. He is believed to be the founder or builder of the track. The first race of the year is the Carlo Pogetto memorial Race.

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