Pictures from Buckeye QMRA Indoor Track

Columbus, OH

Buckeye Quarter Midget Racing Association
Photos by Nick Melair

The Buckeye QMRA runs a popular series of indoors races over the winter months when the local outdoor tracks are typically under snow. Typical turn out is over 250 cars. The track is located in the Swine building of the Ohio State fairgrounds. This picture shows the Northwest corner of the swine building. Trucks and trailers can enter through the large open garage door.

Another picture of the Northwest corner of the building showing the prime location for trailer parking along the side of the building.

View of the track from turn 1. There is a row of roof support columns down the center of the track. The columns are protected with tires. One column sits at the apex of the corner. The inside of the turns are marked with tires. The scorers sit in the white box in the center of the far side of the track.

View down the track from the staging area in turn 4. Cars wait here for their turn to race. The outer wall of the track is made from sections of guard rail bolted to the colums.

Looking down the back stretch from turn 2 toward turn 3. The large entry door is in the center of the picture.

View across the track from turn 3 showing the entrance to the pits. The parked race trailers are visible along the front stretch.

View of the pits from turn 4. The three types of walls used at the track are all visible in this shot. The outer wall is double high steel guard rail. The wall between track and pits is made from steel guard rail bolted to a free standing steel frame that is weighted down with used race tires. The outside of the pit area wall is a free standing wooden wall. Several parked trailers are shown to the left of the picture.

Pit area from the large garage door.

Entrance to the the pits from turn 3.

Overall view of the track from turn 3.

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