Pictures from Buckeye QMRA Outdoor Track

Columbus, OH

GPS coordinates:
N 39 53.249', W 82 56.683' Facility Entrance
N 39 53.078', W 82 56.623' Center of track
800 feet above sea level

Welcome Buckeye QMRA
Photos by Brian Curry.

Pan-O-Ramic view of the front straight showing the whole track. Cars stage in the covered area to the left and enter in turn 1. The track exit is in turn 4 and the pits are along the front strait. The flagger stands at the end of the front strait wall. Click on image to see the big picture.

Staging area is a full 5 lanes wide.

View exiting the staging area into the starting area. Cars start their engines here, then the driver makes a hard right...

To the track entrance in turn 1. The chain link fence is topped with a black plastic drain piping to prevent snags. The flagger stands between the track wall and the chain link fence.

Driver's view of the track exit in turn 4.

View down the pit lane which is along the front straight. After the race, cars exit to the right of the white wood wall.

Close up of track wall. The wall is made from corrugated galvanized roofing material supported by wooden posts and steel I-beams.

Track wall at the track exit showing the end treatment.

Close up of speed breakers inside of turns.

The prarie style scoring/timing tower is as neat as a pin with hip roof, full gutters and downspouts.

Bottom of the tower houses the snack bar.

The grand stands are very sturdy with a concrete block foundation and a chain link safety wall.

The Buckeye track is located on the grounds of the Columbus Motorspeedway

A little local humor

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