Pictures from Mac-O-Chee QMRA

West Liberty, OH

GPS coordinates:
N 40 15.255', W 83 44.797' Center of track
1068 feet above sea level

Welcome to Mac-O-Chee Raceway located in Lions park. A tight short track with concrete in the corners. Mac-O-Chee is a Shawnee tribal name for the area meaning "Smiling Valley".
Photos by Brian Curry.

Pan-O-Ramic view from turn 2 showing the track entrance in turn 2. The track wall from hot chute exit to the entrance of turn 4 is double high guard rail mounted to round wooden posts. The wall along the front straight and hot chute is a floating soft wall made from race tires sandwiched between plywood.
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Pan-O-Ramic view from turn 3 showing the flagstand used for timing in the foreground. The flagstand used for racing is across the track at the end of the front stretch wall.
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Entrance to hot chute. The floating track wall is held in place by a few posts.

Track entrance in turn 2. Old wall on right, new wall on left.

View down the front stretch looking into the hot chute entrance.

Racetime flagstand at the pit entrance. Cars return to the trailer area on the paved path just behind the chain link fence.

Turns 3&4. Only 3 speed breakers are used on the infield. Post-race track exit is in the upper right side of the picture.

Close up of new wall. The track scale is located next to the pole on the return road on race night.

Close up of old track wall.

One of the advantages of being located in a park is nice sanitary facilities.

Single story scoring tower with deck for judges. Ted beach was a significant contributor to the refurbishment, modernization, and improvement of the Mac-O-Chee track. His son raced here before moving onto USAC Midget racing.

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