Pictures from Mini Indy Speedway

Indianapolis, IN

Home of the 2003 Eastern Grands

GPS coordinates:
N 39 49.891', W 86 07.751' Center of track
N 39 49.653', W 86 07.815' Fairground Entrance
1087 feet above sea level

Welcome to Central Indiana QMA's Mini-Indy Speedway
Photos by Brian Curry.

Pan-O-Ramic view of the track from the stands in turn 1. The track is 100% concrete with the same banking as the big Indy track, 7 on the straights and a whoping 9 in the turns. The staging area is at the far end of the track in turn 4. The hot chute/pits are along the front straight. Drivers then travel around turns 1 and 2 to enter the track in the turn 2 exit. The flagstand is the yellow pipe structure in the turn 1 entrance. The hot chute area is nice and wide.
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Pan-O-Ramic view from the judges stand. The track entrance is on the left in turn 2 and the track exit is all the way on the right in turn 3.
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Staging area is covered with a large metal roof.

Plenty of room around the staging area to get ready to race. The scale building is the metal shelter off to the left.

Another view of the staging area showing a car and pit cart in the hot chute.

View down the very wide hot chute/pits that is along the front straight. Plenty of room for cars and handlers.

Starting area in turns 1-2. The racecar track entrance is just off camera to the right.

View from outside the track area in turn 1. The track is off camera to the right. The staging area is under the metal shelter to the right. After the race cars pass throught the metal shelter in the center of the picture that houses the scales. Temporary plastic highway barriers are used to direct traffic flow off track.

Close up of plastic highway barrier. They are part-filled with sand to keep them in place.

Track scale is a nice electronic unit that allows cars to roll on and roll off. (The individual wheel scales were placed there by a handler using the track scale as a level surface.)

View down the back stretch showing the track safety light in turn 3. One can see how the soft wall moves when hit. This shot also shows the huge 9 banking in the corners.

Closer look at the track safety light in turn 3. The light is a standard 12" traffic signal, mounted horizontally so all lights are more in the drivers view. A second light is located in turn 1 to provide complete coverage for the track.

Close up of safety light mounting to track wall.

Flaggers switch for lights. Two switches are used to control the three lights.

Sturdy flag stand located at the end of the hot chute.

Track wall is floating type with race tires sandwiched between 2' high sheets of plywood.

Close up of track wall. Large square holes allow access to inside of tires for assembly.

Look at the apex of turn 1-2 showing the smooth concrete racing surface.

Speed breakers are highway lane markers.

Well made, substantial and spacious scoring tower.

The track is located inside the Indiana State Fairgrounds

True to form, Mini-Indy has a real brick start/finish line. Each brick is inscribed with the name of its sponsor.

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