Pictures from Hagerstown Quarter Midget Association

Hagerstown, MD

Fastest Dirt Track in the East

GPS coordinates:
N 39 39.631', W 77 50.457' Center of track
N 39 39.455', W 77 50.751' Big Track Entrance
441 feet above sea level

Welcome to Hagerstown
Photos by Brian Curry.

Aerial view of the quarter midget track tucked in next to the big track.
This photo courtesy of HQMA

Pan-O-Ramic view of the track from the stands in turn 3. The wooden structure on the back straight is the former flagstand. The bottom of the tower doubles as a snack shack. Cars stage for races outside of turn 4 in the large parking lot.
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Pan-O-Ramic view of the track from the stands in turn 1. Hot chute and track exit are shown on the left.
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View from the staging area. The cars enter the track area through the double gate.

View from the double gates into the nice wide starting lane. The paved starting area should make it easier to get the higher performance cars started. Must have been a big wreck to cause the big dent in the top of the track wall.

View down the back straight looking onto the track exit. Note the "tracks" photographer's vehicle in the background.

View down the front straight. Judging by the signs, the track is well sponsored. The fresh paint on the racing surface indicates it is ready for racing.

Close up of the racing surface in turn 3-4. The track claims the very best clay and that apears to be true. Even after a rain it is smooth and the racing groove is well defined. Unlike many dirt tracks, Hagerstown uses asphalt style speed breakers instead of the more traditional rub rail.

View of the track exit and the pit area in turns 3-4.

Track scales are the nice roll on/roll off electronic type.

Safety lights in turns 1 and 3. They are 8" traffic signals complete with sun shades.

Close up track wall and flagstand. The track wall is double high guard rail mounted on wooden posts. Note the automatic sprinkler heads for conditioning the track mounted on the track wall. The red board is used to hold the flags.

The switches for the safety lights are located at the former flagstand.

Cute tower has an old west look.

Another view of the tower showing the snack bar on the bottom level. The judges stand in the tower during the race.

Series of lights on the side of the tower is used to count down the time remaining for warm up.

Track preperation equipment. Being located next to a big dirt track means they have the ability to bring out the big stuff if required. I doubt the large tire blankets are used on the small track.

Judging by the track records it is a fast track.

No garden hoses here. This track has an automatic sprinkler system. From left to right, sprinkler head, valve block and Control box. Click on image to see larger view.

The track is located on the grounds of the Hagerstown Speedway. The club traditionally hosts the QMA dirt Grand National championships races on even years.

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