Pictures from Tri-Valley Track
Livermore, CA

GPS Coordinates: N 37 42.934' , W 121 42.684' , 585 feet above sea level

Welcome to Tri-Valley.
Pictures thanks to Brian Curry.

View of front straight from turn 3.

View of back straight from turn 4.

Tire wall and yellow light from backstraight.

View from backstraight taken from just inside of the racing line. The driver should be looking at 3-4 apex from here.

Turn 3 light

Closeup of turn 3 light. Standard traffic light with 2 yellows and a red.

Switch at flag stand. I assume one switch is for red and one is for yellow. These are standard house type oudoor switches.

Flag stand. Note switch position looks about belt high. Flagger is shaded.

Tire Wall from top.

Staging area and shaded bleachers.

A real, honest scale. No electronic gizmo here.

Snack shack. NASCAR Coke machines, nice touch.

Looks like the novice dads have it easy at Tri-Valley.

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