Mid Florida QMRA

Clarcona, FL

Home of the Tangerine Invitational Winter Nationals

Welcome to Mid Florida Quarter Midget Racing Association. View uptrack from turn 3 showing the starting lane along the back straight. The staging area is under the tent at the far end of the starting lane. The track exit is to the right of the picture in turn 1.
Photos by Bill Stergios

View of the pit area from the track exit in turn 1. The Mid-Floria track uses a floating track wall made from 1/2" plywood that sandwich upright NASCAR tires.

Close up of the track exit showing the end treatment of the track wall.

Looking down the front straight from turn 4 showing the high-hit area of the wall exiting turn 4. The movement of the wall can be seen by sighting down the wall. The flag stand is the small structure with the blue tarp around it and flags sticking up.

Close up of the track wall construction. The plywood is 2-3 layers thick on the inside and one layer on the outside.

View up the track on the front straight. The bow in the wall can be seen in the exit of turn 4. The large tower in the upper-right quarter of the picture is the electronic scoring tower. Electronic scoring is used at the this track where every car wears a transponder and the progress of the race is automatically recorded.

View of track entrance from turn 4. The track entrance is in turn 3, but a series of cones keep the drivers off the racing surface until turn 4.

Another view of the track entrance.

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