Pictures from Ron Hayes Speedway

Home of Capitol QMRA

Rio Linda, CA

GPS Coordinates: N 38 40.760' , W 121 26.808' , sea level (track)
N 38 40.848' , W 121 26.752' (Main Gate)

Capitol QMRA started in 1954 and has been at this site since 1957. This is the track where Jeff Gordon got his start in racing. Pictures thanks to Brian Curry.

Scoring tower with snack bar.

Caution light in turn 3, on the track at the pit entrance.

View down the front straight showing the caution light in turn 1. I doubt the drivers can see the bottom element of the light. Note the soft wall tapers along the straight where cars tend to glance off the wall.

Closeup of the light in turn 1. A standard 8" diameter, 3 element traffic signal with one red and two yellows. The sun shades have been removed. The light is connected to the system with an outlet and plug.

The light is freestanding and wired so it can be moved. This may be because the track experiences seasonal flooding.

Flag stand

Closeup of control switch. One push button and one toggle switch.

Turn 1 detail. Soft wall made from plywood and bassenger tires. Where do the corner workers stand?

Soft wall on back straight.


Overall view from behind the hot chute.

Paved hot chute.

Car scale.

Sweeping a dirt track?

Promotional sign.

Paper number have the track name. Race each northern California track and collect the whole set.

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