Pictures from American Track

Sacramento, CA

GPS Coordinates: N 38 35.505' , W 121 9.505' , 361 feet above sea level

American QMA scoring tower located up on stilts.
Pictures thanks to Brian Curry.

Pan-O-Ramic view from the judging stand showing the front stretch and flag stand. This track ahs a unique hot chute shown on the far right. Click on image to see the big picture.

Pan-O-Ramic view from turn 1. The rubber on the track clearly shows the racing line. Click on image to see the big picture.

Yellow light in turn 1.

Closeup of caution light in turn 1. Three 8" element signal, red with and two yellows. Sun shades are removed.

Drivers view of turn 1 light.

Light in turn 3 at pit entrance.

View down back straight. The 8" light looks a little small from here. Check out the unique pit/hot chute arangement.

Signal control buttons. Easy to figure out which buttons do what.

Soft wall on front straight.

Detail of soft wall. Passenger tires between plywood walls. Outer wall is fixed. Inner wall moves on impact.

Inner and outer walls a held together with lightweight chains. Bolts are used to adjust the chains so the tires are in compression.

Overlapping plywood panels.

Spare plywood panels for overlapping.

Pit entrance. Just follow the yellow line down to the...

Sharp left turn, which leads to...

the pit stalls. I bet that turn can be a real trick in a heavy B.

Pit road exit. A slight jog to the right, and onto the racing line. Looks tricky. Note the black marks and replaced plywood in the high impact hit area of the wall.

Trackside view of the pit exit.

Shaded grand stands.

He-man sized Bots-Dots used for speed breakers in the turns.

Paper number have the track name. Race each northern California track and collect the whole set.

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