Pictures from Good Times Track

Madera, CA
Welcome to Good Times.
Pictures thanks to Brian Curry.

Scoring tower.

Main flag stand located in the shade. Looks like a good place to hang out for the afternoon.

Trackside view of main flagstand.

Detail of "bridge" over soft wall allowing the flagger to access the track.

It appears the switchgear for the caution lights are removed after racing. This may be where the flagger's switch set plugs into the system.

Caution light in turn 1 & 3 uses the same set up. The light has been removed, but it looks like a mounting pole slides into the two brackets and the light plugs into the weatherproof outlet.

Start/Finish line. The paintjob on the the wall and track is very sharp. I would think this would be less distracting to the drivers than the ones with alternating black and white boards. Note hole for timing lighe under the letter "M".

What appears to be a small flag stand on the back straight. Flagger stands on the starting track. Perhaps this flagstand is used during practice sessions.

Back straight wall viewed from the track entrance in turn 3. Wall is continous around track, made from race car tires and plywood with a solid backing.

Detail of wall. Trackside face is 3/4" plywood over 1/2" plywood with stagered joints. The tires are backed by 1/2" plywood attached to 4x4 posts. The two 1/2" pieces compress the tires using wire ties. The 3/4" plywood that faces the racing surface is screwed over the wire tires protecting them from damage and a car catching on them.

Covered grand stands

Track entrance.

Close up of track surface, just off the racing line. Very rough!

View of hot chute area.

Track entrance in turn 3. Note marks on the wall, which is unusual for a turn entrance.

Track exit.

Large Bots-Dots used for speed breakers in the turns. Sharp paint job on track surface.

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